Shipping and Navigation


SLI specialises in maritime law and maritime administration. In particular, SLI has gained in-depth experience in yachting branch is a private commercial (pleasant and commercial vessels), in Italian and foreign maritime leasing, sale and acquisition of Italian nationality flags, both foreign and international community, registration, cancellation, registration registers and administrative management of ship and boat in every aspect. SLI manages litigation following damage, damage, seizures and collisions between ships and smaller vessels, rescue towing allowance, and stranding, construction and repair of ships, kidnapping, seizure and forced expropriation under insurance disputes between shipowners, owners and insurance companies. SLI provides the preparation, and execution of contracts for recruitment, armament under the command of captains and crew. Availing itself of the collaboration of highly qualified professionals and technicians in the industry, SLI is able to treat every stage of production, processing and repair of smaller vessels, pleasure yachts or boats both in Italy and abroad, from contracts to build phase, until launch. Shall organise determination of construction defects, hidden also. SLI assists and advises some of the most popular and well-known Italian and foreign Shipyards, builders of pleasure yachts and yachts offshore, as well as Shipyards and garaging. SLI has a particular expertise in the field, editing disputes between Athletes and the Italian Sailing Federation, and concerning the application of Regulations and disputes resulting from seizures during the holding of regattas. SLI has edited on behalf of Ligurian fishing fleets the complex procedure for damages consequent to the oil spill and pollution caused by the sinking of the oil tanker "Haven". He made the most famous Ligurian fishermen cooperative for special fishing "gambero rosso". Care procedures for disposal at Community level of fishing licences and access to Community aid.