International Law


SLI consists of French and Italian lawyers, all bilingual and English language fluency, proven experience and expertise gained in the framework of cross-border and international dispute, and advice to companies and individuals both on Italian territory on French territory. The clientele that caters to SLI, in particular, is composed of individuals and companies looking for an Italian law that can assist on French territory, in the Principality of Monaco (Monte Carlo) or before the European Court in Strasbourg, where the difficulty of understanding the language, combined with the undeniable difference of vocational approach makes it sometimes impossible, and in any case particularly difficult Customer relationship/professional. SLI, through its French and Italian lawyers, accompanies the customer at every stage of the dispute broke down every linguistic difficulties; every communication and meeting in the Italian language at the study in Italy or France, depending on the needs of the customers, by providing clear and complete explanations on the legal issue, upgrading and fully explaining to the customer every step of the Italian action or defence, as the person concerned personally before the various courts. The areas of specialization of SLI on French territory and the Principality of Monaco, in particular, relate mainly to: Main areas of activity in France:

  • Recovery of credit and securities enforcement actions, and seizures;
  • Real estate law and Condominium;
  • Residential and commercial leases, shared ownership, timeshare, mortgage registration;
  • Family law (Divorce, Separation and changing conditions, child custody between Italian and French);
  • Hereditary succession, testamentary Executions;
  • Transport insurance, road traffic;
  • Damages from road traffic and criminal defenses;
  • Medical malpractice actions;
  • Criminal and Juvenile Criminal;
  • Administrative and Tax Litigation;
  • Labour law;
  • Corporate, commercial and Bankruptcy;
  • Acquisition of residence and domicile;
  • Contracts;
  • International arbitrations;