Fical and Tributary


SLI provides, through highly qualified Italian and French (, advice and assistance in interpreting and applying of Italian and French tax rules for correct usage standards and related compliance practical, even in international trade. Analysis and optimization of tax planning opportunities. Assistance in dealing with the financial administration, responses and reasoned opinions in tax matters by assisting companies and individuals both in Italy and abroad in the formative phase of the constituent entities, and both French Italian law.

SLI providesassistance in finding sources of financing, debt restructuring, investment in leasing Italian and French.   TAX CONTENZIONSO   SLI provides assistance to persons subjected to checks and verification of Financial administration bodies, providing advice in the prodromal phase litigation activity in the management of relations with offices and predispositions of definition of tax gradients. SLI represents the recipient of sanctions and assessment before Tax committees in contentious and in later stages of recovery of tax credits.   CORPORATE GOVERNANCE AND INTERNAL AND INTERNATIONAL CONTRACTUAL   SLI provides advice and assistance in company law, emergence of new corporate initiatives in Italy and in France, the shareholders and management of relations between shareholders, capital transactions, legal advice on contracts and connected to extraordinary financial transactions. SLI care and training phase of the constituent entities of both Italian and French law. Assists Italian companies and individuals on French territory, providing personnel, management, accounting and security inherent in the insurance business.   EXTRAORDINARY OPERATIONS   SLI provides legal advice and assistance and contract for acquisitions, transfers, transformations, mergers, demergers, liquidations. SLI provides assistance in negotiations and transfers of shares and business complexes, business succession and generational change, placement of family-owned companies. SLI care fiscal assistance and simulations connected with extraordinary transactions. SLI carries out assessments of companies and assets.

SLI provides advice and assistance in situations of crisis intervention and corporate reorganisation, restructuring bank debt agreements with customers and suppliers, litigation and litigation support.

SLI makes thorough sresponse strategy, planning, strategic control, programming and control of: Economic analysis of the dynamics of the financial undertaking Management accounting tools (Management Accounting) Analysis and cost accounting (Cost Accounting) Business Organization

ATsupport to the implementation of information systems   LABOUR CONSULTING-LEGAL CONTROL OF THE ACCOUNTS       SLI service epayroll processing and preparation of documents and reports provided for by legislation on labour law.

Professionals from SLI appoints mayors in capital company operating in the industrial, commercial, financial and also functions of reviewers in local authorities and third sector Bodies