Family Law


SLI deals with consensual separation, divorces and judicial court, joint and cohabitation agreements and changing conditions.

Provisional and urgent actions to protect the safety of the spouse and children, also in relation to offences against the family; obtaining legal precautionary measures of removal from the residence. Prohibition on approaching the House.

SLI places special emphasis on conditions relating to the maintenance and custody of children through the application of joint custody or, in most cases, even using the exclusive reliance on one or the other parent.

SLI has gained in-depth experience especially in family relations with parents of different citizenship and one of two plans to relocate abroad with the offspring or has already subtracted the offspring espatriando without the consent of the other parent.

Couples who come to SLI, discusses what are their rights in the event of termination of marriage and parenting relationships, even in the case of unmarried couples with children. Main areas of activity:
  • Separation and divorce is between Italian citizens and between Italian and foreign citizens;
  • Charge separation;
  • The conjugal home;
  • Maintenance or food;
  • Matrimonial property;
  • Filiation;
  • Child custody: both among Italian citizens among Italian and foreign citizens;
  • Protection of minors (guardianships and safeguards);
  • Offences against the family;
  • The family business;
  • De facto unions.
  GUARDIANSHIPS, SAFEGUARDS, TRUSTEESHIPS, DISQUALIFICATIONS   SLI takes care of issues related to family situations in which events occur in nature genetics, pathology, physical disability, mental disability, or even in the case of children or seniors no longer able to wait for their needs, people with personality disorders or sensory (protected categories: blind, deaf, etc.). Depending on the situation, will the SLI and their families concerned institutes provided by Legal to protect the family and the same safeguarding the assets from any disturbances or maladministration, in the respect of human dignity and personality. Security institutions where you can be – depending on the severity of the situation, from the most serious to the milder – are the disqualifications, the inabilitazioni or the administration of support. The Ban and Mentorship are adopted only in residual and desperate cases, where this is not possible to support Administration, which is preferred as it allows the person to perform acts of daily life, though under the control of the administrator, while acts of extraordinary importance, need the binding opinion of the Court. SLI by the appointment of the guardian, curator or support administrator (preferably a family), but also taking direct charge of assets management under judicial control and accountability.