Debt Recovery



SLI specializes and provides specific vocational assistance and advice regarding the recovery of overdue loans, both in Italy and abroad.

The internal Protocol foresees a preventive verification of solvency of debtor and/or his family eventually debtors payment via direct connection to public and Private databases (public registers, Cadastre, PRA, CHAMBER of COMMERCE, Polisweb, …) and any other Italian or foreign database available and useful to the determination of debtor's solvency and its debtors, in order to verify the appropriateness of proceeding, thus avoiding additional burdens to be borne by the creditor. For more in-depth verifications relating to the heritage, the texture and other personal information of the debtor or debtor company, SLI has professional opera companies and particularly skilled detective. The next phase involves the drafting of a formal reminder of payment to debtors and debtors, with the end objective of interrupting the prescription terms, put the debtor in default and preannunciargli legal action in case of protracted failure precisely. Together with the customer, it then adopted the appropriate procedural strategy in relation to the case considering the use of every legal tool available (national European injunctive or interim measures of cognition, or ordinary proceedings, depending on the completeness of the available evidence) and subsequent Executive activities (foreclosure real estate, securities and securities at the debtor from third parties, even the fifth of salary) from time to time determined based on opportunity and availability of debtors—-as extrema ratio-even with the bankruptcy of the debtor, where they occur. In cases where it is not possible or is excessively burdensome or expensive every recovery attempt, SLI can formally tell the customer to proceed with the deduction of credit in order to benefit from the relevant tax.