(European-Lawyer and chartered and higher courts)

-Degree in law at the University of Rome La Sapienza 105/110 (1992). -Experimental Thesis on administrative law and project collaboration with the Chair. -English Diploma recognized by Cambridge University, UK (1985). School of postgraduate specialisation CEIDA forensic training (Rome, 1993). -Seminar on European Community law, Rome, 1995. -Seminar on the reform of private international law, Rome, 1995. -Meetings of Administrative Process upgrade, Rome 1996. - Lecturing on behalf the Confcommercio F.I.M.A.A. Liguria, 1998 and 1999. - Renewal of lectureship, Confcommercio, 2009. -Seminar on Protection of credit and businesses, 2004. -Seminar on realization of telecommunication networks, Rome 2004 and 2005. -Seminar on public international law (Rome, 2008).
-Conference on international law (2010)
-Study Seminar on reform of administrative law (Milan, 2010) LANGUAGES -Italian
-English -French PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Enabling legal forensic (1993)-Lawyers Register Inscription (1995)-IBA Member-registration for the Barreau des Avocats de Nice (France) (2008)-2009 European lawyer; Attorney admitted to legal proceedings before the Supreme Court and higher courts (2011)-from 2001 to 2005 head of the Legal Affairs Directorate of Vodafone Omnitel N.V. – from 2006 to 2009 Partner of LS Lexjus-Sinacta (Member of Meritas Law Firms worldwide).

  JUDICIAL EXPERIENCE IN THE FIELD - He designed and produced the start up of the Office of Legal Affairs Omnitel Pronto Italy S.p.a and edited the passage in Vodafone Omnitel N.V. with territorial jurisdiction for the region with a special statute of FVG, the autonomous provinces of Trento and Bolzano, the regions of Veneto, Emilia-Romagna, the province of Mantua. It is currently legal adviser to Vodafone Omnitel N.V.. -It was the consultant responsible for some lenders and Government agencies sports for which he edited the contracts and directed litigation activity. -Court of appeal for the F.I.B, F.I.G.B. and the F.I.S. and consultant of C.O.N.I. -Assists some Italian and foreign companies in brand protection, product diffusion and Antitrust. -It was a special Curator and guardian of minors Court of Rome and the Court of first instance of Sanremo, where he also held Honorary Judge functions
INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCES - It joined the Barreau des Avocats de Nice with enabling international legal aid and services on French territory and at the Court of Strasbourg Italian companies and individuals both in judicial and extrajudicial.
- He directed the contracts, credit recovery and litigation activities against foreign companies also on site (the United Arab Emirates, France, U.S.A, Principality of Monaco, Belgium, Holland). - It was the Italian Antitrust for the International Bar Association. - It is the legal consultant of Italian Assurance Plaisance, France, Group and Axeria iard.
PUBLICATIONS -Published on behalf of the Embassy of France in Italy a document intended for French companies operating in Italy on how to protect their rights and commercial interests. -Received position by the International Bar Association to write articles in English on Antitrust. - Collaborated on writing an article for the magazine "Coast Guard". - Publication in the Ministry for agricultural policies of its own judgment in matters of taxation power public pronounced as Honorary Judge. - Drew on behalf of Vodafone Group Plc a report in English on Italian administrative procedures aimed at protecting corporate assets. VARIOUS EXPERIENCES - He was a member of the boards of public bodies awarding authorities and has provided legal assistance to treat allievo contractual and procurement of services and supplies to the EEC level on behalf of some Autonomous public institutions. - It has been host of television programmes concerning the protection of consumers (Assoutenti). - It is legal counsel to some of the largest organizations of real estate agency, public bodies, professional groups, as well as consortia Ligurian handicraft. - It consultant of some Municipalities. - He is Secretary General of the Yacht Club Sanremo.      

-Degree in law at the Università degli Studi of Genoa 110/110 cum laude and right of publication of the thesis (2002). -Master thesis in criminal procedure: The constitutionalisation of ' due process ': Italy and France by comparison ". -School of post-graduate training for forensic (2003/2004). AWARDS
- "The ITALIAN JOB" (Rome, 1997). - SOROPTIMIST International of Italy, course at Università Commerciale l. Bocconi (Milan 1997); - Provincial winner of French speaking competition "Andrea Maccario", sponsored by the Alliance Française "of the Riviera dei Fiori, International Association of French language and culture.
LANGUAGES -Italian -French PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE -Enabling legal forensic (2005)-Subscription list of Lawyers (2006) -Partner of LS Lexjus-Sinacta (Member of Meritas Law Firms worldwide).
EXPERIENCE IN JUDICIAL AND EXTRAJUDICIAL - He helped draw up the contract of location of base stations on the Italian territory on behalf of Vodafone Omnitel N.V.; -Assists some Italian and foreign companies in brand protection, product diffusion and Antitrust. INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCES

Cure the interests of several Italian companies domiciled in France


STUDIES AND ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES - Degree in law at the Università degli Studi di Genova 101/110
(1987); LANGUAGES -Italian -English -French PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE -Enabling legal forensic (1996)-Lawyers Register Inscription (1998) – Internship Office (1993-1995); Commission Managing Director AAMAIE (Municipal Company Acquedeotto and Electrics Sanremo) (1995-1996); Collaboration Notary Marzi (1995-1998); -from 2006 to 2009 Partner of LS Lexjus-Sinacta (Member of Meritas Law Firms worldwide). JUDICIAL EXPERIENCE IN THE FIELD -Particularly thorough Experience in debt recovery activity gained as a consultant to social security and assistance, Private enterprises of medium and large size; -It is a professional Director of Court of Sanremo executive procedures;