Criminal Law


SLI provides specialized legal advice and assistance in criminal proceedings natural persons and bodies involved in criminal proceedings, particularly with regard to those who have been victims of crime and damage, through the submission of complaints to the competent and Prosecutor's subsequent activities with civil Constitution.

Areas of activity:
  • Simple and abuses in areas subject to constraints;
  • Environmental crimes, pollution, etc;
  • Negligence and failure to comply with the rules on protection of the safety on the job;
  • Medical negligence;
  • Injuries (from left), etc;
  • Disasters, fires, murders, defamation, fraud, damage, theft, etc;
  • Corruption, abuse of Office, perjury, false public act, slander, etc;
In special cases, SLI takes advantage of society and private consultants for conducting investigations and for obtaining evidence (stalking, stalking, phonic, photographic surveys, etc.).