Administrative and Public


SLI is specialized in Maritime administrative law for everything relating to the use of the maritime domain. SLI, in particular, provides advice to local authorities, owners of Marinas, bathing establishments, sports clubs, Nautical Club and commercial operators. SLI care requests for obtaining new concessions or for renewal of concessions in areas of land and sea; assists the Public in educational and organizational procedures of public competitions for the release of State concessions, the entrustment works, procurement of services and supplies, from the planning stage, the race until the final redaction of the expectations. SLI care procedures for the management of the granting State, as well as subingresso procedures and assists the parties (public or private) in proceedings for discontinuation, modification, waiver or termination of the concession maritime State. SLI provides advice to public bodies for the preparation of invitations to tender for the award of State-owned areas, preparing the various acts and taking care of the administrative procedure. Likewise, assists individuals in the judicial to the TAR and the Council of State, to verify the legality of administrative procedures adopted by the various local authorities at public events.