SLI is an international law firm with offices in Italy and France on the French Riviera. Lawyers with considerable experience in various areas of law can assist you.

SLI, in partnership with the most important network of European and International Legal Offices and thanks to the collaboration of qualified external professionals, provides a comprehensive legal assistance in many countries and world markets.     LEGAL ASSISTANCE IN ITALY-FRANCE-PRINCIPALITY OF MONACO-STRASBOURG-LUXEMBOURG   The main problem that our Clients report is the foreign language and the difficulty of understanding of the language or the hindrance in expressing legal concepts, sometimes even simple.   SLI has Lawyers who speak correctly Italian, French, English and Arabic, with bilingual professional qualification that allows them to deal directly disputes before Italian, French or Monegasque courts. Therefore the client can regularly speak in his own language and be followed constantly by a professional mother tongue. Our Clients are treated exactly like in Italy, with continuous and regular communication, being able to find professional dedicated always on hand to discuss the status of the dispute and the strategy to come. SLI's main objective is to listen to clients, understanding their goals and work to achieve them and meet them. SLI invests heavily in personal, human and professional relationships.   Customers are our main partners and we believe that their success is our success.   CORRESPONDING STUDIES